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September 21, 2014

Getting “old” has some perks & Community




You hear phrases like, “40 is the new 20,” “age is nothing but a number,” “you are only as old as you feel,” etc. That’s all fine and dandy but lets face it, life is not  guarantee. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I try to simply just live in the moment, and ignore the fact that my “40th” year is a mere 9 months away. To be honest I don’t know how in the world I have been on this planet 39.5 years. When did this happen!?!?

I know I probably sound so cliche but the key to my aging gracefully (OK I admit I am only graceful about 50% of the time) is that in 2010 I found Crossfit. I had just turned 35 when I started. Certainly I was not in my “prime” as far as athletic abilities went. Some may even say at age 35 I was already “over the hill.” But I was ready for a challenge and to do something.

I have always been a competitive person. I am that mom who races my 11 year old on the track and will be seeing stars trying to run fast enough to beat him (for the record I can no longer beat him, deep (deep) inside I am proud of the fact that he is faster than me). I show no mercy, I just have one gear, which is 100% effort. I am a big believer in, if you take the time to do something, you need to grab it by the horns and do it. There really isn’t a place for half ass efforts with anything in life. You go 100% with your given capabilities. Crossfit is so amazing in the fact that you see people of all shapes, sizes & ages and they are giving 100% effort to change their life for the better. I’m not talking about the people who come in 3 times a month. I am talking about the ones who are in there working their tails off 3-4 days every week. Those who have ailments in certain parts of their bodies, yet they are still there working the parts that don’t ail them. They don’t make excuses. They show up and put in the work to make themselves better. It’s one of the most damn inspiring things to see.

As I am typing this, I realize that I see these people working day after day, and I need to get better at telling them “Way to go,” or a simple “You are awesome!” I know kind words/encouragement are what keep me going. My coach (Caitlin) who has been programming my master’s weakness work, is great about that. Certain days I will text her saying things like, “that was terrible I suck,” especially when she has me doing 5k rows, errr. While my times may not be particularly great she always has a positive remark for me. Let’s face it, I don’t think anyone gets tired of being told “you are awesome.” It’s not that I am awesome in the literal sense, but simply I put MY 100% effort into something, and that effort IS what’s awesome. My other coach (Scott) is really good about pushing me to go harder. For example, yesterday I had to do heavy yoke sprint pushes. He had just coached 2 classes and I am sure he was tired, but he still went out there and did them with me so I didn’t have to suffer alone! I hope everyone who does crossfit is lucky enough to have supportive coaches like we do at Crossfit Clay United. A good coach makes a world of difference.

I’ve been rambling on, but Crossfit has made me better. A better mom, wife, friend, bodyguard (j/k) but your get my point. At 39 I am stronger than I have ever been. 2015 will be my first Crossfit open as a “Master’s Athlete” and I am super excited about that. I have BIG goals, and I started my journey towards those goals 3 months ago. When the crossfit open comes up and if I don’t make my goal, I hope to be able to say I gave it my all, and left nothing in the tank. If you do that, you can’t be disappointed yourself. I know a lot of people who have goals, yet they do little to reach them. You have to put in the blood, sweat & tears. Nothing comes easy anymore. Especially in the sport of Crossfit. There is always going to be someone who wants it as much as you do, and they are going to make you work, and work hard. There are no freebies.

Myself and some of the great guys I WOD with recently did the Master’s Functional Fitness League competition. We were part of team central {B}east. Our region won, so we got some pretty sweet swag (“old” people love free swag)…in addition to the swag, we got this awesome banner (see pic) to hang at the gym. See, I told you getting old has some perks.  Three of of guys on this banner have only been crossfitting for a little over a year. It’s freaking unbelievable how far they have come. Sean, Dusty & Chris you guys are AWESOME! It has been so cool watching you all grow as athletes. I have to admit Chris slightly annoys me because we use to be able to lift together for our strength cycles, but he has gotten so strong that he doesn’t lift with light weights like me anymore. Luckily I still can get him on most of the wods! ;) #UNITED