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February 24, 2015

Why I’m Doing the Crossfit Open in 2015


Will finishing his first triathlon with a huge smile

2015 marks my 5th year as a crossfit athlete and my 4th crossfit open. This year will be different for me, for a couple of reasons. I’m a master this year, yes, this means I am old…. sigh. It’s also my first open that I am a coach. I started coaching about 6 months ago, so it definitely has me wearing 2 hats for the first time.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been trying to recruit athletes at our gym to sign up for the open. I’ve heard a lot of excuses (yes I call them excuses, as I have not heard any valid reasons to date).

Here is why I’m doing the open this year!

1. To Be A positive Example to my Kids

I’ll use my 12 year old son as an example here. He started doing triathlons when he was 8 years old. He’s not some special prodigy, we had him do a triathlon simply so he could do some type of fitness. I’ll never forget on his very first race at the campus of IUPUI. He got out of the pool really fast (he’s a good swimmer), then he ran out to the transition to get on his mountain bike (yes a mountain bike). I was a nervous wreck watching him take literally 5 minutes to put his sneakers on. I was yelling for him to “go fast,” “gotta move,” “losing ground.” He ignored me. Once he finally got on the bike he had to ride 2 loops. It seemed like FOREVER for him to finally ride past me on his first loop. As all these other kids were zooming past me, head down, pedal to the metal, here comes my sweet boy on his mountain bike, with a skateboard helmet on…. he simply rides by with a huge smile and was waving to me, like he was in a parade. At that moment I could have cared less how fast or slow he was riding. He was having fun, and more importantly he was so damn proud of himself out there. You really can’t ask for more than that. To this day, when he crosses a finish line in any race he does, whether he is in top 3, or bottom 3, our celebrations for his success are the exact same. It’s not about how you finish, its that you started, and completed it. I never want my kids to not do something for fear that they will not do well, or place poorly. Someone is always going to be better than you. All we should focus on is that we are better than we were yesterday. My kids have never seen me turn down a challenge for fear of not doing well. I hope as they get older that they appreciate this work ethic that I am trying to instill to them. And more importantly that no matter how fast or slow you finish, the fact that you started & had the courage and strength to finish means more than anything.

2. To Push My Teammates Like They Push Me

We all have people that push us, and wether you believe it or not, you yourself are pushing people too. Regardless of our fitness levels we all push each other. We as crossfitters celebrate everyone’s success. Sure we get annoyed when someone “beats” us in a workout, but geez, you can’t be awesome all the time. EVERYONE gets beat in workouts. It doesn’t mean you didn’t work hard, you still did the work. The goal is not to beat people, the goal is to be the best you can be on that given day. Don’t forget that the main reason we do this is so we can be fit, and with that we push each other to be better. It really stinks for those of us doing the open, and that rabbit that pushes us, decides for whatever reason that they aren’t doing the open. Our gym is a team. Be a teammate. Don’t make it about you, and the fact that you might do “bad” or not up to your expectations. Chances are you are your own worst critic and your crossfit friends have more faith in you, than you have in yourself.  There is no “I” in team. Be on the team.

3. To Prove that Age is Not a Factor

As I mentioned earlier, yes I am getting old. That being said, age has some things going for it. I now like to think I have experience. Experience in what? Experience in knowing that the Crossfit Open is not some stressful crazy life event. It’s a fun 5 weeks that I get to go to the gym with a little extra motivation to do well. It pushes me to get a little more uncomfortable in workouts to see how far I can go. I’ve done 2 Opens with tendonitis and tears in my shoulder. I did another with a kidney stone lodged in my ureter. Now I’m turning 40 years old in June. I sometimes can’t believe that this is what 40 is like. I am stronger, healthier, faster than I have ever been. Partially because I work hard when I am in the gym for that 1 hour. Partially because I have friends that push me to be better. Partially because I have coaches that care about me & my personal success (yes your coaches care about your success). There is no better time to test yourself, than now. My goal this year is a hefty one. I want to be top 200 in the world in the 40-44 age group. If I get that, I will qualify for Master’s Regional. I don’t set goals that I think are unattainable, so I do have confidence in myself, I have too. That being said, it’s not going to come without some blood sweat and tears. But I’m ready. If I don’t qualify it won’t be because I haven’t tried my hardest. And hopefully I can just remember my son riding past me on his bike waving and smiling, and say to myself “Wow, now that was fun!” We can learn a lot from kids. Here’s the thing, my goal is not any different from the person who has a goal to simply not finish last. A goal is a goal, and no one else’s goal is any more important than the next guys goal. But what is important is that we all support each other to achieve our goals!

Bottom line if you do the Crossfit Open, after the 5 weeks you’re not going to say “I regret doing that.” I think it’s more likely that if you don’t do the Crossfit Open, you will say “I wish I would have signed up.” Especially when you walk into the gym in see how much camaraderie (Definition: mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together) is going on between the athletes and the judges counting their reps. This is what Crossfit is about. There is nothing better than being in a Crossfit Box while a open workout is going on. That kind of support and genuine words of encouragement just can’t be replicated.

You can sign up for the open to test YOUR fitness (no one else’s) here:

The Crossfit Games 


Surround yourself with people who believe in you & know how to have fun :)