Bacon Wrapped Chicken & more….

January 18th, 2011

Again Everyday Paleo provided us with a kick butt recipe for dinner, Bacon Wrapped Chicken! This was super simple as is most of Sarah Fragoso’s stuff. If you have time to make hamburger helper, then you have time to make this! I used the basil on only a few of my pieces (I bought it on sale and most of it was yucky….boo) and put the sundried tomato on them all. I also steamed up some of my new favorite little green veggies, brussel sprouts. What a great dinner!

Last night Tim and I sat down and planned our menu for next week. I highly recommend anyone who is trying to eat paleo do this. It saves so much time and it really does make life easier when you are organized. So now that I have my menu planned, tonight I will sit down after the kids go to bed and compile my grocery list for all the things I will need for next week. Keep in mind when planning your menu to keep one or two days as a “left over” day. There is nothing worse then throwing away awesome food just because it’s been in the fridge for too long.


In the oven

Ready to eat

I got my paleo kits and paleo krunch in the mail today from Steve’s Original. Even the packaging was great, can’t wait to try them. I hope I can keep them hidden away until we leave for our 11.5 hour road trip to NJ in April, if not I’ll just have to get more :)

Paleo Kits

Today’s WOD was:

3 Rounds 12 minute time cap

20 squats at 95lb for the women

20 toes to bar

I had fun working out with one of my favorite people, Stef. She is moving to NJ on Friday and starting a new chapter with her family, so I am happy for her, but will miss her greatly. So here’s to Stef! Rock on sister and keep being your bad self!

Stef & I Taping for our 60 Toes to Bar

Stef and I cranking them out