Braised Chicken with Artichokes & Pearl Onions

May 25th, 2011

I stumbled across Nom Nom Paleo a few weeks ago, and it’s become one of my favorite paleo blogs, and is where I found this gem of a recipe. I am addicted to artichokes, so that is what grabbed my attention with this one. What a great fun way to spice up your chicken!! I have got to say this is definitely one of my new favorites. Give yourself about an hour 15 minutes to cook this from start to finish (45 minutes of oven cooking). Also I didn’t have whole chicken legs, so I used chicken thighs which worked fine as well. It was freaking awesome! This recipe was also the first time I used Avocado oil. It really added a nice flavor.

Liam has even been eating my paleo meals lately. He had the sausage the other night, and was chowing down on the chicken tonight. That makes me happier than ever! Will is another story. I still have hope though.

2 more days of school then summer vacation officially begins!