DIY Ginger Pear Infused Water

January 27th, 2013

I was recently contacted by the SkA:nÁ spa in upstate New York regarding their DIY Infused waters. I love the concept of infused waters, it livens things up a little, and can make a gorgeous presentation when you are having a dinner party, or guests over. Not to mention all the health benefits it can bring. So they did a guest blog post for me to share for their DIY Ginger Pear Water. If you make it I’d love to hear your feedback, and I look forward to working with SkA:nÁ and sharing more of their DIY infused water recipes with you!

Infused Water: A Healthful Choice

With a plethora of sugary beverages made easily available in our society, it can be hard to resist the enticing flavors that are out there. Even health-conscious consumers can be tricked into purchasing seemingly harmless products that contain hidden sugars and calories. Many are finding that infused water provides them a beverage that quenches their thirst in a healthful way while simultaneously pleasing the palate.

Water is Essential
Water is one of the most essential elements necessary to sustain life. Every cell is dependent on this crucial substance to survive. Unfortunately, the availability of sugary beverages can make consumption of water boring. Infused water beverages such as ginger pear water, provide the body the hydration it needs without the sugars and carbohydrates.

Aside from the obvious benefits of water, drinkers of infused water also reap the benefits of the products used to add flavor. Ginger, for example, offers a variety of ways to improve health. Studies have shown consumption of this root may help reduce the risk of both ovarian and colon cancer as well as helping decrease the effects of motion and morning sickness. Pears also may aid in the prevention of certain cancers and heart disease.

Confidence is Key
Not only does proper hydration promote good health, but it also helps individuals feel their best. When a person feels good on the inside, it shows on the outside. The increased energy and stamina inevitably causes people to exude a more vibrant behavior and boosts confidence, and this can lead to advancement in both the social life and work life of the individual.

Ginger pear water is particularly conducive in improving confidence as the ginger is known to improve the quality of the skin and can help decrease acne. Furthermore, the pear juice also helps purify the body and keep the complexion at its best, furthering the self-confidence of the drinker.

Anyone can reap the benefits of infused water. Inspired by the SkA:nÁ: Spa in upstate new york  the following is an easy, do-it-yourself recipe to make a delicious ginger pear infused water beverage sure to hydrate while intensifying the senses.

Ginger Pear Water

2 gallons water
15-20 pears, sliced 1/4 inch
1 cup ginger

Stir all ingredients together and refrigerate for approximately seven hours. Strain the meaty segments using a strainer. The remaining ginger and pear juices should now be stored. TIP: Adding a slice of ginger and pair garnish makes for great presentation!