About Jennifer

January 2nd, 2011


Jennifer was introduced to the paleo diet in August of 2010 when she first started Crossfit. She was very skeptical at first, especially considering that for 2 years prior to this she was a vegetarian.

Jennifer started crossfit for the same reason many others start an exercise program, she was unhappy about the way she looked & felt, and wanted to get back in shape. After a month or so of getting whooped on a regular basis, she decided to enter a “paleo” contest they were doing at the gym. This was October of 2010. The rest is history.

She will never tell you that the transition to a paleo lifestyle was easy for her. Actually if you ask her, she will probably tell you her favorite story of leaving the grocery store crying, because she felt so deprived by not buying the junk food she was use to. The first month was a battle. Day.By.Day, But she stuck it out and came out on top! After the first 4-6 weeks of detox (we are talking about a lot of years of bad food….miracles don’t happen over night!) she began to feel better. She lost the bloating in her stomach that she always thought was just how her stomach was suppose to look, she felt leaner and healthier than ever. Her biggest change was with her gastro-intestinal issues. Having always been told any intestinal type issues she was dealing with, were “hereditary”, she quickly realized that was a bunch of crap (no pun intended) and her issues were actually from the awful (gluten filled) foods she had been feeding her body for 34 years!

So in January of 2011 (3 months after her first paleo meal) she decided to start a blog about her journey, and that’s how www.paleomomrx.com began. She enjoyed writing about what she was cooking, how she was feeling, and talking about crossfit. She wanted other people to know that you don’t have to be perfect, but as long as you try & give some effort, you can change your life and feel better, both physically & mentally.

Fast forward to today, and Jennifer is still Crossfitting (and loving it!!) & she still adheres to a paleo lifestyle. She likes to say she is a Monday-Friday Paleo eater, and what happens on the weekends, stays on the weekends. That being said, she will only bake and cook paleo meals, and on “cheat days”, she does her best to avoid foods with gluten.

She is married with 3 children, Sierra 22, Will 11 & Liam 9. She is becoming a grandma aka “Sugar” in January 2015  and has 2 adorable Australian Labradoodles Flower & Noir.

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